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Hi Friends and Family:

I wanted to dedicate this year's holiday greeting as a tribute to Muttley who, as most of you know, died suddenly just before my surgery at Stanford. Mutt had been such a part of our lives for so long...that it's just strange to come home and not see his fuzzy face and waggy tail coming out to greet me. His has helped me, and Suzi, get through some pretty rough times and I will be lost without him.




But, even with this hole in my heart, I can rest knowing that Muttley had a great life...all the way to the end. I think this video captures his joyful, loving spirit and is a upbeat message for the New Year.

Click on MUTT. When the dropbox link opens, go to full screen. 
For best results Do NOT watch on your phone...

                 Happy New Year


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