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Loved this. It’s good to know that you are having the same thoughts as I do. I’m just not good at expressing them. I however, DO BLAME Trump. If he comes out of this looking good and getting re elected, I’m not sure what I am going to do.

Part of my frustration is not being able to help and contribute in some way without compromising my own health and so I feel even worse about the whole situation. It’s like a terrible nightmare and I keep thinking that I’ll wake up and things will be OK…..but they won’t be the same, ever again. Just like 9/11, this changes everything. Hopefully, some good will come of it. Just now, I can’t imagine what that might be. Watching Cuomo and Blasio scares the shit out of me. They are telling it like it is. To think how much worse it’s going to get and how long it’s going to last, the worldwide recession, etc., makes me feel like crying.

BTW, I had today the same thought as you about solitary confinement and now I understand what a horrible sentence that is for prisoners.

Keep writing, I think it’s helpful for me (and others) to read what you have to say. I love you, please take care of yourself.


Insanely Delicious…. Are we sure that wasn’t  Hunter S Thompson in drag?


Excellent! Glad to see you venturing into the publishing world. Me and many others are looking forward to see where you go with this.

Re “Armageddon”, we were at our local local market in San Carlos for the Seniors Only early shopping accommodation a couple of days ago.  I have to say I felt like we were in some sort of dystopian dream - strange to see only old faces, as if we were in the group of last survivors of a great plague. 


I wonder if we will all come to the point where constant hand washing, social distancing et cetera will become a completely natural behavior?  Imagine the profound effect on all sorts of communicable diseases!  Could it inadvertently cause an even more divided society?


A lot of very spot on points!


I’m enjoying your unpresidented musings. Myself, I alternate between viewing this as a temporary interruption and something a lot more dystopian.  Did you see the Thomas Friedman opinion piece yesterday in the NYT, “A Plan to Get America Back to Work”? Curious about your thoughts.



Great Blog, Jay...


You’re a brilliant thinker and a gifted writer.  Thanks so much for sharing this!


Blog on, man!


For myself the most challenging aspect of this situation is the uncertainty of it all.  It's difficult to foresee a future moment when we all look back with a sigh of relief and think "that was crazy, so glad it's over".  Most of us, even the President, now acknowledge that getting back to normal won't happen by Easter.  Will it happen by the new 30 day extension date?  We are watching areas such as Wuhan, China seemingly reach the top of the curve and anxious to see what comes next; will the virus rebound? Nature can be very adaptable and unrelenting, the tech community has adopted the term "viral" for good reason!  Will this be a new normal; segueing to a new virus or the challenge of global climate change?  To quote author Hunter Thompson, "we must ride this strange torpedo to the end!'


Meanwhile, get out and enjoy the spring wildflowers (practicing proper social distancing of course), for now it's still a beautiful world


Your latest blog post is brilliant!  I just hope that Trump doesn’t read it (as if he could) because it might give him the idea to actually do this. Keep up the good work.  Reading your blog is as refreshing to read as listening to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily press briefing.


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