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August 22, 2020: EVACUATION!

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July 1: we can't take another four years of this

June 20: The Art of Hiring Great People

April 22: News leaks from North Korea have suggested that President Kim is Gravely ill, following some kind of heart surgery. First of all, our thoughts and prayers go out the surgeon...more

April 16: Recap from Dana Millbank, Washington Post:

Trump and Kushner could reap a Pandemic Windfall. As the dust settles on the $2.2 trillion legislation, it has become clear that one of its largest provisions, a $170 billion tax giveaway, appears to be tailor-made for the benefit of wealthy real estate investors such as President Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is running one of Trump’s coronavirus task forces...MORE

April 15: OK, everybody can relax now, I'm sure everything will go swimmingly. As Trump said, the "Most Important Decision" of his presidency will be determined by these Seven Loyal Sycophants...MORE

April 14: "Nobody knew that HEALTHCARE could be so complicated" said Trump 2/27/2017. But, not to worry, President Trump knows more than the doctors, at least that's what he's says the doctors say.  But Trump's Press Briefings are a hodgepodge boastful arrogance, willful ignorance, and blatant contradictions...MORE

April 10: I took a break from the All Trump-All-the-Time Show to listen to Ezra Klein’s latest podcast. Ezra is the co-founder of Vox where he is editor-at-large. He interviewed Tony Ord and discussed his book The Precipice...more.

This COVID-19 Pandemic has affected all of us in so many ways and not just financially and emotionally. It has both increased our stress level while also increasing our boredom level. Now we’re commanded to just Sit and Stay. This, by itself, increases even more stress...More

April 8: US Gun Sales hit RECORD HIGH

It’s a good time to be in the gun biz, at least in the US. We love us our guns. Every time something happens like, a Democrat gets elected or another mass shooting, gun sales ratchet up....More

April 6: “I view myself, in a sense, as a Wartime President” Trump said, as the epic scale of the coronavirus pandemic slowly began to sink in...READ MORE

April 5: The Trump Org Family Crime businesses have been hit especially hard by the fake democratic hoax pandemic. So says Trump Org spokesperson and Exotic Animal Assassin Eric Trump, and they’re ready seeking to suckle them some of that nice government teat...READ MORE

April 3 : I took the drone out today to do a flyover of the 'hood. It's the first time in history that the golf course has been closed for an extended period....READ MORE

Washington, DC (AP) April 3,2020


In a bold and decisive move that can only be characterized as terrific, very strong, and un-presidented, President Trump today announced that he, and He Alone, would solve the healthcare crisis...READ MORE

March 31: CNN: : Today the KKK, aka The Klan, an organization previously known for its divisiveness and white supremist positions, offered to help fight the pandemic....READ MORE

March 27: If the US is in a war, it’s not the kind of war we’re used to where 1% of the nation is off fighting in some shithole while the rest of us are sipping Caramel Macchiato Lattes and Instagraming each other....READ MORE

March 26: I just got this actual postcard in the mailbox but it's too little and too late. 

It's also a chronological pathology of Trump’s 5 Stages of Grief from a Narcissist (someone lacking any sense of empathy)...READ MORE

Every one of these doctors said, How do you know so much about this?...read more

this would be a a gift from god...if it works 

March 25: CNN Business: Corona beer is fighting back after their name's unfortunate similarity to the deadly coronovirus caused a 38% drop in sales....READ MORE

I give it two weeks. We'll be opened up and raring to go by easter 

March 25  Happy Days are Here Again!...READ MORE  

a message to old people: shut up and die

March 24: Now I'm really concerned. Trump told reporters during an evening press conference that while the death toll is “bad,” and “the numbers are going to increase with time,” we’re “going to be opening our country up for business, because our country was meant to be open...READ MORE

i cant believe it was only a few months ago

This video was from Mammoth Lakes with my sister and best bro...READ MORE

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whatever we do we must take care of our most important industries...

March 22: Congress is now debating the bailout bill. Sorry man, we gave the money to big corporations and billionaires....READ MORE

i feel like we are in a one-way ratchet to hell...

March 23: It hasn't been that long...only weeks actually, but already I feel like I'm living in a science-fiction movie, and not a good one...READ MORE

can you believe it was just a few weeks ago...

March 20: After 911 we did a lot of hugging. People at least for a while were united. With Covid-19 you can't even shake hands...READ MORE

i've always known it was a pandemic...

March 19: My head is spinning with so many thoughts. We seek to place blame and there's plenty to go around, but honestly our planet has been poised on so many knife edges ...READ MORE

a lot of things are happening...

March 15: I decided to chronicle this chapter of my life by creating a web-based living journal...READ MORE