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Today, also known as Thanksgiving, marks the birthday of one of Topeka’s most beloved citizens. Joanie M. Pfuetze is a righteous and lifelong resident having been born right here in Topeka, graduated from Topeka High School and then the University of Kansas...and that was almost sixty years ago!

You can’t get more Topeakean than that. And to think it was almost renamed Google, KS?

These days Joanie spends a lot of her time still being a mom, a really great, but not actually literally great, grandmother to her beautiful  grandkids spread across multiple states, all while she maintains the prestigious position of Secretary of the Sunflower Music Festival. And, she recently got a new car, a 2000 Madza SUV which has been recently seen spinning doughnuts at Heartland Park Raceway. GO Joanie!

Anyway, let the record show, it is on THIS day, and on THIS occassion, and with deep affection that we, the Left Coast Cousins, give a toast to our most favorite cousin, not counting the other favorite cousin, to wish you a most joyous and beatific birthday...


Historical photo circa 1948 showing Joanie and her gang of feral cousins obviously up to no good



November 25, 2021

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